GSR steers a global cruising yacht through every nautical mile from the Suez Canal in the West, crossing the Indian Ocean and Asia to the great southern land of Australia, the natural wonders of New Zealand and across the island-dotted Pacific Ocean to the west coast of the Americas and the Panama Canal.

The great canals are the two gateways of The Great Southern Route and the current edition includes extensive details on 100 “stepping stone” destinations along the way, so that undertaking such a voyage is no more than a series of steps – cruising from destination to destination.

The original Great Southern Route (2008) was hailed as a great success by the superyacht community since it originally launched at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2007. The second edition considerably expanded the concept with the inclusion of many more Captains Log contributions and the addition of dozens more ports and destinations enroute to Australasia from Europe or America. The third edition, edited by former superyacht Captain Richard Morris, for 2012-2014 expanded to 100 ports and destinations.

Vital to the master of any vessel is first-hand cruising advice, from captain-to captain. In addition to the spiral bound, 350 page hard copy, GSR can also be viewed online as a digital “page-turner” edition on PC, laptop or tablet at or For convenience the guide is also available digitally on a GSR memory stick, and a comprehensive GSR website.

With over 6,000 superyachts cruising globally, and the vast majority of these yachts sailing the familiar waters of the Mediterranean and Caribbean, this comprehensive guide helps inspire Captains and Owners to see the world from an entirely different perspective. Such a voyage is not only for large yachts with ocean crossing range. There are various yacht carriers serving the Pacific from America and opening up routes across the Indian Ocean from Europe, bringing even the furthest and most exotic cruising destinations well within reach of smaller motor and sailing yachts.

The Great Southern Route will open your eyes to a new world of cruising opportunities. The extensive information available to you through the 350 pages of ‘GSR’ is thoroughly researched, providing key contacts with superyacht experience in every listed destination, spanning two-thirds of the globe. GSR offers firsthand advice, captain to captain, on what to expect when contemplating a cruise to some of the most isolated and spectacular destinations on earth.